Going Green With Fitted Cloth Diapers

For decades, parents have been changing from one diaper brand to another until they feel comfortable and assured that their babies get the best comfort and care. Fitted cloth diapers were once embraced by the baby boomers until manufacturers have discovered disposable diapers. But as these disposable diapers gained popularity and as more parents have been using these for their babies, the mess that was created grew in multitudes.

Scientific studies have proven that diapers decay only after a period of 500 years. Taking that into consideration, one could probably think that these garbage can cause contamination not just of the world’s waters but soil as well and these things have lead to increased acidity. Burning of these diapers and emission from landfills has contributed much to ozone depletion. As global warming issues have frightened everyone in this planet, all wanted to take part in the combat towards a greener environment. In other words, parents too want to buy baby products especially diapers that have less impact on the environment. In response to the people’s clamor, gDiapers have taken a revolutionary step towards a greener and safer place not just for today’s generation but for the next as well. Fitted cloth diapers have been re-introduced in an innovative way. Emphasis is placed on both comfort and style without setting aside social responsibility. The gCloth easily fits and can easily be inserted into your baby’s gPants. These are reusable, easy to wash, soft and chemical-free. The gPants, on the other hand which are made from breathable materials in order to keep the baby’s skin from rashes, come in different cute colors that could surely boost your baby’s happy mood.

For parents who are thinking twice of using gCloth as their babies might suffer from overnight wetness, they need not worry about anything for these fitted cloth diapers can be doubled as a back up absorber. On day time, one need not change as often as every hour for the maximum time for one to change is every two hours. These gCloths can hold much wetness even exceeding its expected capacity.

Recognized by the Natural Resources Defense Council, gDiapers are said to have a competitive advantage over its competitors in the market as these have no elemental chlorine or plastics and needs fewer washings compared to regular cloth diapers. Because of that, environmentalists have not only approved these to be non-pollutants but energy and resources savers too. Since these contain no chemicals, disposal is relatively easier. You can flush these diapers on the toilet, cover with soil for composting, or throw in trash bins thereby eliminating the necessity for landfills. That would truly give a huge slash of the 50 million disposable diapers that enter those landfills each day, where they stay there for 500 years.

See this remarkable difference? If you think that gCloths are too old fashioned, look around you and see what is happening in the world today. Let us all go green and embrace this environmental ingenuity. Much thanks to gDiapers!

How to Measure Yourself for a Custom Fitted Clothing?

Custom-made shirts are always a great investment when making an impression. With the many different custom-made (and affordable) designers, there is no excuse not to include tailored clothing into your wardrobe. No matter who you choose to design you on of a kind item, the first step is to get properly measured. This is not as challenging as it sounds. Follow these simple steps in measuring yourself for the perfect custom-made shirt.
Wear your best fitted shirt to help you measure.

Step 1 Collar/Neck
Measure around (the circumference of) the lower part of your neck. Place a finger under the measuring tape against your neck (between the measuring tape and your neck.)

Step 2 Shoulder
Measure your shoulders’ width. Start from one end of your shoulder to the end of the other shoulder. (Measure from the right shoulder to the left shoulder.)

Step 3 Sleeve Length
Measure sleeve length from your shoulder to base of your thumb (2 to 3 inches from your wrist), or where you would like your sleeve to stop. Keep your arm straight.

Step 4 Biceps
Measure around (the circumference of) center of your arm. Do not contract your muscles.

Step 5 Wrist
Measure around (the circumference of) your wrist bone.

Step 6 Chest
Measure around (the circumference of) your fullest part of the cheat. Place a finger under the measuring tape against your chest (between the measuring tape and your chest.) Not puff up your chest.

Step 7 Stomach
Measure around (the circumference of) the fullest part of your stomach. Place a finger under the measuring tape against your stomach (between the measuring tape and your stomach.) Relax your stomach.

Step 8 Waist
Measure around (the circumference of) your waist.

Step 9 Shirt
Shirt length Measure from the base of your neck to the bottom of your rear-end (or where you would like your shirt to end).

Step 10 Shoulders
Look at yourself in the mirror. Decide if your shoulders are:

Normal (a slight angle from the neck)
Slopping (descend low below the neck)
Square (appear as a square from the neck

Step 11 Chest
Decide if your chest is:

Normal (Slight muscle. Not husky)

Step 12 Stomach
Decide if your stomach is:

Normal (Slight round. Not flat)

Step 13 Posture
View your profile in the mirror. Decide if your shoulder posture is:

Normal (Arched back)
Hunched over

Step 14
It is important to give both you weight and your height for the perfect measurement.

How to measure yourself for a custom fitted pair of pants?

Next, you have to be certain that to measure yourself properly from the waist down for a pair of pants. Wear your best fitted pants to help you measure.

Step 1 Waist
Measure around (the circumference of) your waist.

Step 2 Hips
Measure around (the circumference of) the fullest part of your hips

Step 3 Outer Leg Length
Measure from top of your waist to the bottom of where you would like your pants to end.( Usually slightly below the ankles.)

Step 4 Crotch
Slightly open your legs. Measure from the front of the waist, between your legs and to the back of your waist.

Step 5 Thigh
Measure around (the circumference of) the fullest part of your thigh

Step 6 Knee
Measure around (the circumference of) the fullest part of your thigh.

Step 7 Inner Leg Length
Measure from the bottom of your crotch, to the button of pant leg. Keep leg straight.

Step 8 Cuff

Measure the desired size of your pants cuff

Step 9 Seat
Decide if your buttocks is:


It is important to give both you weight and your height for the perfect measurement.

Get Full Breasts Naturally: Enjoy Better Fitting Clothes

Today woman want to be the perfect in all ways. She wants to look beautiful. Breasts are the main private part of woman that makes her beautiful. Every woman wants that her breasts should be of perfect size and fully rounded cup shape. Small breasts fill the woman with Inferiority complex. Full breasts surely fill up the woman confidence. Many surgical methods are there to increase the breast size. But when there are natural methods why should jump on surgery. This article will inform you to increase the breast size naturally and there are no side effects of this. First of all to do this a woman should think positive if she is ready through mind then she will perfectly gain the shape. So let’s start

1. A woman should do exercise regularly. There is lot of exercises that a woman should do regularly at least 15 minutes a day. The exercises are like Bhujangasan, matasayasan, sarvangasa, paschimotanasan.

2. There is lot of lotion and creams available in markets under herbs products which are completely natural. By applying cream on the sensitive areas of breasts size can be increased. But precautions should be taken. Creams should be applied correctly otherwise there is no gain.

3. Massage is the perfect way to gain size. Woman should give massage to breasts regularly. Massage should be given by soft hand and should be given from the lower portion to upper portion of breast. Regular 15 minutes massage will give the permanent result.

4. Life style should be simple. No alcoholic product should be taken while this course otherwise all in vain. So simple and nutritious food should be taken and on regular time.

5. Pills are other substitution of lotions and creams. Bur care must be taken while taking pills. A physician should be consulted while taking pills. Don’t take it by yourself otherwise it could be dangerous also. Lot of natural pills are available in market. A woman can take any one of them by the physician advice. Vitamins and enhancer present in pills help a woman to increase bust size.

A good size breasts being always the matter of attraction and cause the other to look at you. And always good bust size woman have great fitting of clothes and look fabulous. So when there is natural methods to increase the breast size why should try expensive surgery. Do all the above and gain perfect size.

Enjoy the better fitting clothes!