How Ill Fitting Clothes Can Cause Damage to Your Body

We all know ill fitting shoes can be a nightmare, but there are whole arrays of fashion mistakes that can be causing real damage to your body, says the Express today.

And it’s not just women that are affected; both men and women’s clothing can be causing damage.

Underlying pains and aches can all be down to wearing the wrong clothing, starting with underwear.

A poorly fitting bra can be the cause of both shoulder and neck pain in women.

Women with a larger bust should be wearing a more supportive bra, as thinner straps will be unsupportive, dig in to your shoulders and cause great discomfort and pain.

According to the Express, over 75 per cent of women are wearing the wrong sized bra, which can be the cause of long-suffering backache.

It is also said that long term use of a tight fitting Basque or corset can be very restrictive and lead to breathing problems and heartburn.

Sammy Margo of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy says: “It alters the way you breathe; you end up breathing from the upper airways rather than the diaphragm. It impedes digestion and weakens the muscles because the corset is doing the work for them.”

Even in men, tight fitting underwear can cause problems. According to the Express, Boxer shorts and Y-fronts that are too tight can cause infertility in men. For couples having trouble conceiving, males are often advised to change to loose fitting underwear.

Even the most unlikely of clothing like pop socks, can cause pins and needles, if they have a very tight fitting band at the top.

Leggings can also cause problems in the winter, according to Sammy Margo, they provide so much support that your legs won’t be as toned by the time you stop wearing them.

Jeans can be a no-go for a lot of women, maybe because it is hard for you to find the right fit, or simply because they are uncomfortable. Tight fitting jeans which cause a ‘muffin top’ effect can cause a condition called meralgia paraesthetica.

According to the Express this is a nerve problem, which is often referred to as ‘tingling thigh syndrome.’

The syndrome is caused by pressure on the femoral cutaneous nerve which runs through the thigh. This can then lead to temporary pins and needles which can run down the legs.

Tight trousers can also be a problem causer in men, having similar effects to tight fitting underwear. Tight fitting trousers can over heat the testes, restricting sperm motility and can lower a man’s sperm count.

Even accessories can cause problems; oversized, heavy bags can cause shoulder and back pain. It is advised that you travel as lightly as possible, distributing the weight evenly.

Most women are aware that high heels can not only provide discomfort, cuts and blisters, they can also lead to knee problems.

Although flat shoes can provide just as much damage, sheepskin boots such as UGG’s do not provide a lot of support, which can lead to tendon strain.

It is important that your clothes fit you correctly and underwear and shoes are supportive and comfortable.

Why Wearing the Right Women’s Fitness Clothes Matter During Workouts

Does it really matter what women’s fitness clothes are worn indoors or outdoors? It does if women want to avoid having to visit the hospital ER or keep from injuring themselves due wearing women’s fitness clothes that threaten their overall safety. Women who bicycle do not want to wear loose, long pants when choosing women’s fitness clothes. They may not want to wear sports jackets either.

Long sleeves can be a hindrance with some sports, such as bicycling or running. Because runners use their arms, long sleeves and sports jackets may restrict rummers arm movements. Long sleeves on sports jackets may cause bicycle riders to be tangled in handlebars and cause an accident. But, these sports jacketsmay be okay for jogging or working out in a gym on some equipment.

Choosing comfortable workout Wear

When working out in women’s fitness clothes, it is important to choose comfortable clothing that does not restrict movement while exercising. Many sports jackets are not simply one color, but a multitude of bright colors and chic patterns are available.

Not comfortable in any sports jackets? There are a number of fashionable options available. Some women may want to try jumpsuits. Popular in the 1980s, jumpsuits are still fashionable today.

Breathable fabrics are best during Workouts

For regular workouts, women should look for wicker fabrics. Cotton, though soft, does not pull heat away from the body. This is why cotton t-shirts can leave women drenched during or after a strenuous workout.

Say goodbye to plastics and rubber clothing. It is best to find materials that offer proper ventilation and materials that are not going to be bulky or restrict movement. This is why wickered fabrics are best to wear during exercising. They draw moisture away from the body to keep your body cool and comfortable. By keeping in mind what type of exercise you will be doing, this will help determine whether form-fitting clothing, such as jumpsuits, or loose clothing is best during workouts.

Are jumpsuits are good for Exercise?

Women’s jumpsuits can be good for workouts. This is because they are versatile and can be made from a variety of fabrics. They can also be personalised to fit a woman’s style and be made in her favorite colour. Because these suits are strictly made all in one piece, they are easier for any seamstresses to make their own.

Jumpsuits can also allow women to workout in style and remain fashionable. They can also be made of breathable materials. Don’t want to spend much time trying to find an exercising outfit, jumpsuits can be a easy way for women to find affordable fitness wear without spending big bucks!

Different Muscle Building and Fitness Clothes

If people can think back to being in high school they might remember gym class or if they played sports they remember the weight room. Back at those times, nobody was looking for a particular brand or style of clothing. Most guys wore a t-shirt and shorts. There weren’t any bodybuilding and fitness clothes.

People wore what was comfortable. If they wore anything even close to bodybuilding and fitness clothes, they wore the school colors or a school sports jersey. Other than that, clothes were just clothes. People who workout now must have certain clothing that maybe makes them look younger or something that shows off all of their muscles.

One company that provides bodybuilding and fitness clothes is Physique Body Wear. They offer clothing for men and women including workout pants and shorts and large workout shirts and tank top shirts also. Along with all of the clothing they also have clearance clothes or discontinued clothing.

Even with those who will buy clothes to workout in, they still cost money and they don’t put any muscle on a persons frame. That must be done by the individual. Some people wear them because someone else is wearing the same thing. The followers want to fit in and will do whatever it takes to keep their profile higher than others.

Other Reasons For Bodybuilding And Fitness Clothes

There will always be some people who are vain and treat their bodies like it’s a work of art and everyone should be wowed by the experience of being near them. The bodybuilding and fitness clothes make sure that they look good. That is their entire goal. Looking good so people will like them and they won’t feel alone.

Some women will wear bodybuilding and fitness clothes when they work out but they aren’t usually trying to prove a point. They aren’t trying to impress everyone in the gym. They will of course attract most of the people in attendance working out.

Finally, there isn’t anything wrong about bodybuilding and fitness clothes. Worn by the right people they look great and will attract attention. Others come down on using bodybuilding and fitness clothes, but if the truth be known, they would also wear them as well as long as they have the right physique. If a person looks good and it makes them feel a little better about themselves, they should do it. But if they don’t fit right because of a beer belly or other reason, wearing them will draw attention, the wrong type of attention.