Wearing Well-Fitted Clothes Can Be Important for Self Confidence on Important Occasions

It is said that people make their assessment of a newly met person in the first few seconds, so it is no surprise that what we wear has become increasingly important in situations where first impressions are crucial.

Widespread, affordable clothing shops mean that not many people these days are likely to consider making their own clothes. How many people these days have the sewing and dressmaking skills to be able to create their own complete, well-fitting and stylish outfits? How many have the equipment or the time to do so?

Buying ready-made clothes that fit perfectly can sometimes be difficult, however. Very few people are the perfect size and shape and the need for well-fitting clothes, especially when it is necessary to make a good impression, have made tailoring and alterations services more important.

Job interviews are one example of a situation where first impressions and appearance count and where confidence can make a difference to a candidate’s performance.

A smart, well-fitting suit is usually the outfit of choice for interviews for both men and women and it is possible to find an appropriate outfit off the peg but it may be that getting the right fit of jacket may means that the matching trousers, or skirt, are perhaps a bit too loose or not the correct length.

Fashion stylists have identified several female body types. Among them are the apple body shape characterised by broad shoulders, often a large bust and chest for their frame, amazing legs and top sizes larger than the bottom.

Pear shaped women have shoulders narrower than their hips or top sizes smaller than bottom sizes, while the round body shape is curved all over with weight is carried on the stomach, hips and thighs. Hips and shoulders are narrow in relation to the frame.

Men, as well as women, can have particular body shapes such as the triangle, inverted triangle, oval and rectangle.

Getting a suit altered by a professional to fit these body shapes properly can help a person to look good and feel confident when it really matters. It means the wearer does not have their attention partly diverted by an undercurrent of worry about what they are wearing.

Having a suit professionally altered can also be a way of subtly demonstrating attention to detail, which may be something an interviewer is looking for in a job candidate.

A useful tip when going to a professional for suit alterations is to take the shoes you plan to wear, and also the shirt, if appropriate. The height of the heels of a pair of shoes will alter the length needed for a pair of trousers or a skirt and wearing the shoes will help the tailor ensure that they can get the measurements exactly right.

It perhaps seems like an unnecessary expense but investing in getting a smartly-tailored, professional look just right is worthwhile because it is very unlikely that the suit will be worn just once. Job hunting and interviews are stressful enough without having to search out the right outfit for each interview and it is possible to ring the changes with the colours of accessories, ties, blouses or shirts so that the look remains fresh.

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eBay Becoming The Ideal Way to Fit Clothes Shopping Around a Busy Lifestyle

With reports that people are becoming more and more comfortable buying clothes online eBay is looking to become a hot favourite of this industry. Online shopping has found people to be enjoying the fact that they have the ability to fit their shopping around their lifestyle with the ease and accessibility that it brings.

It seems that the Online Auction site eBay offers something more than the traditional retailers out there can to its consumers. It allows people and businesses to browse and shop its website and buy and sell a broad variety of goods and services worldwide. For clothes shopping it gives individual designers the opportunity to get their clothing and fashion garments out there and people can take advantage of this in ways they can’t with other retailers. Also eBay gives its buyers the chance to bid on the clothing they are after so they can get great deals and choose how much they want to spend instead of a fix price that isn’t negotiated. This works as well for the sellers who again are able to set minimum prices for what they are selling. It also helps people to find one off items that they are after and willing to pay more for and gives them a lot more choice and variety over the traditional online stores.

The recent recession has seen to affect all clothes retailers but eBay has seen an increase in people using this medium to shop and more and more designer clothes are frequently being bought and sold on the auction site. With the great deals that are being presented and the wide variety and choice, it seems to be a sure hit for fashion buyers.

The buying and selling option that eBay provides makes clothes shopping a more accessible option and much more exciting. It also provides the option to browse shop and ship to all over Ireland, England and even international shipping. It seems that whoever you are and where ever you live everyone has access to eBay so can take advantage of what it is offering. With the help of courier services you can ship to many different destinations easily and in a way that suits you. No other channel offers this which is why eBay is being used more frequently for clothes shopping. You choose when you shop, how much you want to pay and there is a lot of choice in the products being offered helping those with a busy lifestyle.


Fitness Clothes Don’t Make You Fit

I recently connected with a colleague on LinkedIn that I had not heard from in years. He had seen one of my LinkedIn updates and commented that most people treat their strengths like fitness clothes. He said “similar to how fitness clothes don’t make you fit, discovering your strengths does not make you strong.” This seems like a ridiculously simple statement but it is surprising how many people don’t get it. Think about it for a second….

Similar to how fitness clothes don’t make you fit, discovering your strengths does not make you strong.

We all know that buying fitness clothes will not make us fit. But how many people go out each year and buy the most recent fitness attire, purchase a gym membership but then fail to follow through. They might wear the clothes to the gym once or twice or maybe stretch it out for a month or two but when they fail to see instant results they get discouraged and revert back to their old habits. The fitness clothes did not make them fit.

This is very similar to how most of us deal with our strengths…..assuming, of course, that we even know what our strengths are. I hate to say this but, most people don’t know what their strengths are. It is usually an uncomfortable moment when you ask someone, “what are your greatest strengths?” This question is usually followed by awkward silence, then a few “ummmms” and “ahhhhhs”. Then maybe, the person manages to spit out something that could be considered a strength but they are not really sure if it is. However, this is not the worst part.

The real tragedy is when someone has gone through a process to identify their strength areas, what I like to call their Strength Zone, and then they fail to follow through with them. They have been given their “fitness clothes” and assume that it ends there….but it doesn’t. The most important part of the Strength Zone process is to begin to build your strength areas…you must “go to the gym” and “work out” in your Strength Zone. You need to practice in your Strength Zone, gain new skill, knowledge and experience in your Strength Zone.

Then you need to build a disciplined lifestyle around your Strength Zone. You must strive to live in your Strength Zone before it begins to make you strong. Adjust your approach to every role that you have in life so that you are always leveraging your Strength Zone. You will be amazed at how much more productive, effective and efficient you will become and how much potential you have that you didn’t realize!!!!!!!!

If you don’t believe me try it! Discover your Strength Zone and then change your life to take advantage of your strengths. Watch your potential begin to soar!